supplementary Chinese grammar articles

Lower-priority material that you can cover if you have extra time or motivation.

supplementary A1 articles

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    supplementary A2 articles

    1. Using 了 (le) and 过 (guò) in Chinese grammar
    2. How to use 跟 (gēn) and 也 (yě) correctly in Chinese grammar
    3. Using 人 (rén) and 男人 (nánrén) - "man" - correctly in Mandarin Chinese
    4. The difference between 碰见 (pèngjiàn), 遇见 (yùjiàn) and 见面 (jiànmiàn) in Chinese

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    supplementary B1 articles

    1. How to use 碰 (pèng), 碰见 (pèngjiàn) and 碰上 (pèngshàng) in Chinese grammar
    2. 接 (jiē) and 接到 (jiēdào) in Chinese grammar: answering and receiving
    3. How to use 对 (duì) and 跟 (gēn) as prepositions in Chinese grammar
    4. The difference between 对不起 (duìbuqǐ), 请问 (qǐngwèn), 麻烦你 (máfan nǐ) and 劳驾 (láojià)
    5. 长 (zhǎng) vs 长得 (zhǎngde) in Chinese grammar
    6. How to use 划算 (huásuàn) in Mandarin Chinese: to be a bargain
    7. The difference between 终于 (zhōngyú) and 最后 (zuìhòu) in Mandarin Chinese: 'finally' vs 'the last'
    8. When 给 (gěi) comes directly after verbs in Mandarin Chinese (verb-给 compounds)
    9. The difference between 半 (bàn), 一半 (yí bàn) and 一个半 (yí ge bàn) in Chinese grammar
    10. Common mistakes with 把 (bǎ) in Chinese grammar

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    supplementary B2 articles

    1. The difference between 拿 (ná) and 带 (dài) in Chinese grammar
    2. Three uses of 才 (cái) in Chinese grammar: only, just now / not until, emphasis
    3. The difference between 想 (xiǎng), 要 (yào) and 想要 (xiǎngyào) in Chinese grammar
    4. Repeating question words in Chinese (place-holder question words)
    5. How to use 放假 (fàngjià) and 假期 (jiàqī) correctly in Mandarin Chinese
    6. The difference between 算 (suàn), 算上 (suànshang) and 算了 (suànle) in Chinese grammar
    7. How to use 帮 (bāng) and 帮忙 (bāngmáng) correctly in Mandarin Chinese
    8. Where to place 一点儿 (yī diǎnr) in a sentence

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    supplementary C1 articles

    1. 加以 (jiāyǐ) in Chinese grammar: apply to, engage in, endeavour to

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